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Слова на букву amph-aust (16)

Moving from fresh water to the sea, or vice versa, for nonreproductive purposes such as feeding.
A small crustacean of the order Amphipoda, such as the beach flea, having a laterally compressed body with no carapace.
Migrating up rivers from the sea to breed in fresh water.
Any of various worms or wormlike animals of the phylum Annelida, characterized by an elongated, cylindrical, segmented body and including the earthworm and leech.
annual growth zone
All growth on a structure which forms during one year; consisting of an opaque (generally winter zone) and a translucent (generally summer zone).
annual total mortality rate
(seasonal total mortality rate) The number of fish which die during a year (or season), divided by the initial number. Also called: actual mortality rate, coefficient of ...
A growth zone that forms once a year; for most fish an annulus is identified as the zone that forms during a period of slow or no growth, often during the winter season (see ...
anoxic sediments
Sediments that lack oxygen amongst the particles.
Commonly termed fish farming, but it broadly refers to the commercial growing of marine (mariculture) or freshwater animals and aquatic plants.
An underground layer of rock or soil able to hold or transmit large amounts of ground water.
archival tag
An implanted fish tag that detects and records several environmental variables (e.g. water temperature) over time.
area closure
The closure of a fishing ground, or a part thereof, for a defined period of time, used as a tool in the management of a fishery.
area swept
In reference to a demersal trawl, it is the area of the sea floor over which the net is dragged during its operation, and is estimated by multiplying the width of the net mouth ...
artisanal fishing
Fishing for subsistence by coastal or island ethnic groups using traditional methods.
assessment level
Categories of the level of complexity of, and data available for each assessment: index of abundance (INDEX), yield-per-recruit analysis (YIELD), analysis of the age ...
Australian Fishing Zone
(AFZ) Australia has proclaimed a 200-nautical-mile-wide zone around its mainland and territories coasts, within which it controls domestic and foreign access to fish resources; ...

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