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Слова на букву intr-leng (16)

introduced species
species brought into an area where it does not naturally occur, and able to survive and reproduce there.
Animals without a backbone, for example shellfish, worms, jellyfish, sponges, seastars and corals; see also vertebrates.
Contour line linking regions of the same depth.
The group of small crustaceans that includes fish lice.
Contour line linking regions of the same temperature.
To fish using lures on a vertical line that is moved up and down, or jigged. Jigging may be carried out by hand-operated spools, or by automatic machines as is done in ...
joint authority
An Offshore Constitutional Settlement arrangement whereby a fishery is managed jointly by the Commonwealth and one or more States under a single (Commonwealth or State) ...
joint venture
Collaborative fishing operation usually involving two companies from different countries.
key threatening process
Under endangered species protection legislation, a process that threatens the survival, abundance or evolutionary development of a native species or ecological community, ...
The collection of small marine crustaceans of the order Euphausiacea that are the principal food of baleen whales.
La Niña
An oceanographic condition involving excessive pooling of cool waters in the equatorial Eastern Pacific Ocean; see also El Niño-Southern Oscillation Episodes.
latent capacity
Fishing capacity that is not currently deployed in a fishery.
lateral line
A series of sensory pores along the head and sides of fish and some amphibians by which water currents, vibrations, and pressure changes are detected.
lateral margins
Scale edges which face dorsally or ventrally while on the fish and no ctenii are present.
length frequency
An arrangement of recorded lengths which indicates the number of times each length or length interval occurs.
length-frequency distribution
(modal size) The number of individuals of a catch or catch sample in each length interval (\'modal size\' is the length group in which most individuals occur). Some ...

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