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Слова на букву limi-mini (16)

limited-entry fishery
fishery where the number of operators or vessels is restricted, to control the amount of fishing effort; frequently involves controls on the number and size of vessels, and ...
line fishing
A general term used for a range of fishing methods that employ fishing lines in one form or another. It includes handlines, hand reels, powered reels, pole-and-line, droplines, ...
An official record of catch and effort data made by fishers. In many fisheries, logbooks are compulsory as a condition of licensing.
long-term potential catch
The largest annual harvest, in weight, that can be removed from a fish stock year after year, under existing environmental conditions. This can be estimated in various ways, ...
long-term potential yield
The largest harvest that can be taken from a fish stock on a sustainable basis, allowing for variable environmental conditions. This may be estimated in various ways, ranging ...
A fishing gear in which short lines carrying hooks are attached to a longer main line at regular intervals. Pelagic longlines are suspended horizontally at a predetermined ...
Shaped like a crescent.
maintainable yield
The largest catch that can be maintained from the population, at whatever level of stock size, over an indefinite period. It will be identical to the sustainable yield for ...
Fish farming or aquaculture of marine animals or plants.
market niche
A position that exists in a market, where the ideal economic and environmental conditions are present for an enterprise to thrive.
A homologous (similar in structure and evolutionary origin, though not necessarily in function, as the flippers of a seal and the hands of a human) bone of the skull in other ...
maximum constant yield
(MCY) One way of interpreting maximum sustainable yield; it the maximum constant catch that is sustainable for all probable future levels of stock biomass; see also ...
maximum sustainable yield
(MSY) Can be defined in various ways, but originated from surplus production models as the maximum catch that can be removed from a stock over an indefinite period. MSY ...
Intermediate sized plankton that consists of animals, including the corals, rotifers, sea anemones, and jellyfish.
Systematic (as opposed to random) movement of individuals of a stock from one place to another.
minimum size
Legislated size below which individuals of the prescribed fish species, if caught, are not to be retained.

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