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Слова на букву moda-nuch (16)

modal size
(modes) See length-frequency distribution.
(population) Hypothesis of how a population functions; often uses mathematical descriptions of growth, recruitment and mortality.
(modal size) See length-frequency distribution.
Of the form and shape of animals and plants.
The form and shape of an animal. Difference in morphometrics is often used to distinguish different stocks of the same species.
Rate of deaths (usually in terms of proportion of the stock dying annually) from various causes; see also natural mortality and fishing mortality.
mortality rates
Mortality rates are critical for determining the abundance of fish populations and the effects of harvesting strategies on yield and spawning potential from a stock. Fish ...
Any of various small, shrimplike, chiefly marine crustaceans of the order Mysidacea, the females of which carry their eggs in a pouch beneath the thorax, also called opossum ...
natural mortality
Deaths of fish from all causes except fishing. It is often expressed as a rate that indicates the percentage of fish dying in a year; e.g. a natural mortality rate of 0.2 ...
nautical mile
Unit of distance equivalent to 1 minute of the great circle of earth (=1852 metres).
nearshore waters
Shallow inshore waters.
neritic zone
The shallow pelagic zone over the continental shelf.
net increase
(net decrease) New body substance elaborated in a stock, less the loss from all forms of mortality.
nominal catch
The sum of the catches that are landed (expressed as live weight or equivalents). Nominal catches do not include unreported discards.
non-target species
Species that are unintentionally taken by a fishery or not routinely assessed for fisheries management; see also bycatch.
The nape of the neck.

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