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Слова на букву prot-refe (16)

Of, relating to, resembling, or being protein.
proximal edge
The internal margin of an otolith cross-section.
proximal surface
The internal surface/sulcus-side of the whole otolith
purse seine
A fishing method capable of harvesting large quantities of surface-schooling pelagic fish by surrounding the school with a net. A line which passes through rings on the bottom ...
Of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the pylorus; as, the pyloric end of the stomach.
Amount of catch allocated; could refer to a fishery as a whole (total allowable catch) or to that amount allocated to an individual or company; see also individual transferable ...
Lines that radiate (extend) out from the focus and are lines of flexibility in the scale.
rate of exploitation
The fraction, by number, of the fish in a population at a given time, which is caught and killed by man during the year immediately following. The term may also be applied to ...
rate of removal
An inexactly-defined term that can mean either rate of exploitation or rate of fishing--depending on the context.
rate of utilization
Similar to rate of exploitation, except that only the fish landed are considered. The distinction between catch and landings is important when considerable quantities of fish ...
reading axis
(see counting axis)
(recruitment) A fish that has just become susceptible to the fishery; e.g. a recruit to the Australian southern bluefin tuna surface fishery is 1-2 years old, whereas a ...
The amount of fish added to the exploitable stock each year due to growth and/or migration into the fishing area. For example, the number of fish that grow to become ...
recruitment curve
(reproduction curve) A graph of the progeny of a spawning at the time they reach a specified age (for example, the age at which half of the brood has become vulnerable to ...
recruitment overfishing
Occurs in circumstances where an increase in fishing effort from current levels will cause a decline in recruitment to the fishery.
reference level
An indicator level of fishing (or stock size) to be used as a benchmark for assessment.

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