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Слова на букву refe-size (16)

reference point
See biological reference point.
reflected light
Light that is projected onto and reflected from the surface of an otolith.
To become formed again.
relative abundance
An estimate of actual or absolute abundance; usually stated as some kind of index; for example, as bottom trawl survey stratified mean catch per tow.
To swallow or suck in again; to break down and assimilate (something previously differentiated).
risk analysis
Analysis that evaluates the possible outcomes of various harvesting strategies or management options.
Any of various free-swimming tunicates of the genus Salpa, of warm seas, having a translucent, somewhat flattened, keglike body.
A proportion or a segment of a fish stock which is removed for study, and is assumed to be representative of the whole. The greater the effort, in terms of both numbers and ...
Japanese term for sliced fish (especially tuna) served raw.
Small, clawed marine lobsters belonging to the family Nephropsidae.
seasonal closure
The closure of a fishing ground for a defined period of time, used as a tool in the management of a fishery, frequently to protect a stock during a spawning season.
shelf break
Region where the continental shelf and continental slope meet; that is, where the more gently sloping region of the seabed adjacent to a landmass rather abruptly slopes ...
Pertaining to each separate deployment of a fishing gear by a fishing vessel.
silver nitrate
Stains skin and can even cause burns.
Length or weight at a particular age.
Length or weight of the fish when it attains maturity.

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