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Слова на букву size-stra (16)

See length-frequency distribution.
(mid-slope; upper-slope) continental slope. The more steeply dipping sea floor beyond the edge of the continental shelf.
spawning stock biomass
The total weight of all mature fish in a population.
spawning stock biomass pe pecruit
(SSB/R) The expected lifetime contribution to the spawning stock biomass for a recruit of a specific age (e.g., per age 2 individual). For a given exploitation pattern, ...
spawning stock biomass per recruit
(SSB/R) The effective spawning output produced by a recruit throughout its life. Each recruit must be able to replace itself to ensure sustainability, and analyses using the ...
Group of animals or plants having common characteristics and able to breed together to produce fertile (capable of reproducing) offspring, so that they maintain their ...
species group
Group of similar species often difficult to differentiate without detailed examination.
The procedure of maintaining methods and equipment as constant as possible. Without standardization one cannot determine whether measurements of yearly differences in relative ...
standing stock
See biomass.
status of exploitation
An appraisal of exploitation is given for each stock discussed in the Species Synopsis section using the terms unknown, protected, not exploited, underexploited, moderately ...
statutory fishing rights
(SFR) Rights to participate in a limited-entry fishery.
A group of individuals of a species occupying a well defined spatial range independent of other stocks of the same species. Random dispersal and directed migrations due to ...
stock reduction analysis
An assessment method that estimates the biomass of a fish population using catch history data, information on the productivity of the species and a time series of ...
stock-recruitment relationship
The relationship between the level of parental biomass and subsequent recruitment. Determination of this relationship is difficult and usually involves the study of ...
straddling stock
A fishery term used to describe migratory species that spend part of their lifecycle in two or more jurisdictions; especially those that migrate between Exclusive ...
stratified mean catch per tow
(stratified average catch per tow) From research vessel surveys, for separate species of fish, each average catch per tow --determined from a series of tows--in each geographic ...

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