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Слова на букву suba-tagg (16)

subantarctic waters
Waters adjacent to, but not within, the Antarctic circle (about 66030\'S).
subtropical waters
Waters adjacent to, but not within, the tropics; in the Australian region the waters south of the Tropic of Capricorn (about 23028\'S).
(of fishing) see catch per unit of effort.
success of fishing
Catch per unit of effort.
The groove on the proximal surface through which the auditory nerve passes.
sulcus edge
On an otolith cross-section, the margin adjacent to the sulcus on the internal or proximal surface.
summer zone
(see translucent zone)
super seiner
A large purse seiner, usually more than 70 m long and equipped with considerable freezing and storage facilities, capable of undertaking extended transoceanic voyages for ...
surplus production
Inherent productivity of a fish stock that can be harvested on a sustainable basis. Based on the theory that, at large stock size, reproductive rates and rate of stock ...
surplus production model
Mathematical representation of the way a stock of fish responds to the removal of its individuals (e.g. by fishing).
survival rate
Number of fish alive after a specified time interval, divided by the initial number. Usually on a yearly basis.
sustainable yield
Catch that can be removed over an indefinite period without causing the stock to be depleted. This could be either a constant yield from year to year, or a yield which is ...
swept area
See area swept.
An articulation in which bones are united by cartilage without a synovial membrane.
Total allowable catch is the total regulated catch from a stock in a given time period, usually a year.
Marking or attaching a tag to an individual or group of individuals so that it or they can be identified on recapture; used for the study of fish growth, movement, migration, ...

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