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Слова на букву ceck-cott (16)

Opaque growth zones, denoting a slowing of growth that forms within the translucent zone; do not form annually but reflect various environmental or physiological changes.
Any of various marine mollusks of the class Cephalopoda, such as the octopus, squid, cuttlefish, or nautilus, having a large head, large eyes, prehensile tentacles, and, in most ...
Literally \'head-foot\'; animals like squid and octopus in which the tentacles converge at the head.
Of or pertaining to the Herring family.
Any of various invertebrate animals of the phylum Cnidaria, characterized by a radially symmetrical body with a saclike internal cavity, and including the jellyfishes, hydras, ...
The closed end of a trawl net.
Those individuals of a stock born in the same spawning season. For annual spawners, a year\'s recruitment of new individuals to a stock is a single cohort or year-class. ...
cohort analysis
A technique for estimating the magnitude of fishing mortality and the number of fish at each age in a stock.
commercial value
The landed value of the catch to the fishers.
conditional fishing mortality rate
The fraction of an initial stock which would be caught during the year (or season) if no other causes of mortality operated. (Also called fishing mortality rate).
conditional natural mortality rate
The fraction of an initial stock that would die from causes other than fishing during a year (or season), if there were no fishing mortality. Also called: annual natural ...
Individuals that are members of the same species.
continental shelf
Seabed from the shore to the edge of the continental slope.
continental slope
Region of the outer edge of a continent between the generally shallow continental shelf and the deep-ocean floor, usually demarcated by the 200 m isobath.
A garland, wreath, or circlet for the head.
cottage industry
Small, locally owned businesses usually associated with low relative yield and limited technology.

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