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Слова на букву crab-effl (16)

crab pot fishery
A type of passive fishing method where crabs are lured by bait into stationary traps called \'pots\'.
critical size
The average size of the fish in a year class at the time when the instantaneous rate of natural mortality equals the instantaneous rate of growth in weight for the ...
(of fisheries) Transition from exploratory and experimental fishing, to the establishment of commercial activities and markets with the ultimate goal of sustained long-term ...
Term frequently used synonymously with diurnal or circadian; relating to biologic variations or rhythms with a cycle of about 24 hours.
A less emotive description for the disposal (or \'dumping\' or \'trashing\') of unsaleable catch, dead or alive, during or after fishing operations; see also bycatch and ...
distal edge
The external margin of an otolith cross-section.
distal surface
The external surface of the whole otolith, opposite the sulcus.
domestic fishery
A fishery within the Australian Fishing Zone operated by Australian-flagged vessels.
A gillnet suspended by floats so that it fishes the top few metres of the water column.
A fishing line with one or more hooks, held vertically in the water column with weights and generally used on the continental shelf and slope. Several droplines may be ...
The group of animals that includes seastars and sea urchins.
ecologically sustainable development
Using, conserving and enhancing the community\'s resources so that ecological processes, on which life depends, are maintained, and the total quality of life, now and in the ...
A complex of plant, animal and microoganism communities which, together with the non-living components, interact to maintain a functional unit.
edge type
Extent of translucent or opaque growth formed on the margin of an otolith.
effectiveness of fishing
A general term referring to the percentage removal of fish from a stock (but not as specifically defined) as either rate of exploitation or instantaneous rate of fishing.
A complex waste material, for example industrial waste or sewage discharge, which is often contaminated with detrimental dissolved and suspended materials.

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