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Слова на букву effo-expl (16)

See fishing effort.
effort restriction
A type of input control used as a management tool whereby the amount of fishing effort expended by fishers in a particular fishery is restricted by law.
egg survey
A systematic gathering of information on the occurrence and abundance of fish eggs and larvae through their collection in nets and traps.
El Niño-Southern Oscillation Episodes
Large scale, cyclical (3 to 7 years) warming and cooling episodes across the equatorial Pacific; warm water pools in the east in El Niño conditions and in the west during La ...
Technique for separating charged molecules, particularly proteins such as enzymes, based on their different mobilities in an electric field. It is used to differentiate between ...
Having a shallow notch at the tip.
endangered species
Under endangered species protection legislation, a species in danger of extinction because of its low numbers or degraded habitat; or a species likely to become so unless ...
См. .
invertebrate animals living on the surface of the seabed.
Associated with the surface layer of a water body; see also pelagic.
equlibrium catch
The catch (in numbers) taken from a fish stock when it is in equilibrium with fishing of a given intensity, and (apart from the effects of environmental variation) its ...
equlibrium yield
The yield in weight taken from a fish stock when it is in equilibrium with fishing of a given intensity, and (apart from effects of environmental variation) its biomass is ...
The part of the wide lower course of a river where its current is met by the tides; an arm of the sea that extends inland to meet the mouth of a river.
Exclusive Economical Zone
(EEZ) 200-nautical-mile zone declared in August 1994 by Australia in line with the provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. Australia has the right to ...
exploitation pattern
The distribution of fishing mortality over the age composition of the fish population, determined by the type of fishing gear, area and seasonal distribution of fishing, and ...
exploitation rate
The fraction of total fish deaths caused by fishing, usually expressed as an annual value. Exploitation rate is some times defined alternatively as the proportion of a ...

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