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Слова на букву f0.1-free (16)

The fishing mortality rate at which the increase in yield per recruit in weight for an increase in a unit of effort is only 10 percent of the yield per recruit ...
Number of eggs an animal produces each reproductive cycle; the potential reproductive capacity of an organism or population.
(fishes; finfish; scalefish) Literally, a vertebrate (animal with a backbone) that has gills and lives in water, but generally used more broadly to include any harvestable animal ...
Where a fish stock has not been heavily fished there may be an accumulation of fish in the older age classes. Fishing of such stocks can produce initial high catches that ...
A term used to describe the collective enterprise of taking fish. A fishery is usually defined by a combination of the species caught (one or several), the gear and/or fishing ...
fishery-independent survey
A systematic survey carried out using research vessels or contracted commercial fishing vessels for the purpose of gathering information independent of normal commercial fishing ...
fishing capacity
The total fishing effort that can be expended by the fleet operating in a fishery.
fishing effort
Amount of fishing taking place, usually described in terms of gear type and frequency or period for which it is in use; e.g. \'hook-sets\', \'trawl-hours\', \'searching hours\'.
fishing intensity
1. Effective fishing effort. 2. Fishing effort per unit area. 3. Effectiveness of fishing.
fishing mortality
A mathematical expression of the rate of deaths of fish due to fishing. Fishing mortality is often expressed as a rate that indicates the percentage of the population caught ...
fishing power
The ability of a given amount of fishing effort to catch fish.
Protein-rich animal feed product based on fish.
A long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between steep slopes.
The rate of fishing mortality for a given exploitation pattern rate of growth and natural mortality, that results in the maximum level of yield per recruit. This is ...
fork length
The length of a fish measured as the distance between the tip of the snout and the most anterior point of the fork or \'V\' of the tail.
Diving under water without the assistance of breathing apparatus, to collect pearl oysters, corals, sponges, etc. The gear used may include a snorkel, face mask, a pair of ...

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