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Слова на букву fron-high (16)

(temperature front; frontal region) Region where a sharp gradient in temperature occurs, often indicating the demarcation between two current systems or water masses; usually ...
fully fished
An appraisal of the status of a stock which suggests that current catches are sustainable and close to optimum levels (the definition of which may vary between fisheries; e.g. ...
Any of various mollusks of the class Gastropoda, such as the snail, slug, cowrie, or limpet, characteristically having a single, usually coiled shell or no shell at all, a ...
gear restriction
A type of input control used as a management tool whereby the amount and/or type of fishing gear used by fishers in a particular fishery is restricted by law.
ghost fishing
Where lost gear continues to capture and kill fish.
gill rakers
An organ for aquatic respiration; a branchia.
gillnet, monofilament gillnet
A type of passive fishing gear consisting of panels of net held vertically in the water column, either in contact with the seabed or suspended from the sea surface, such that ...
global positioning system
(GPS) A device which uses satellite signals to determine a vessel\'s position and course accurately.
Carrying developing young or eggs.
growth model
Mathematical description or representation of the rate at which a species grows at different sizes or ages.
growth overfishing
Occurs when too many small fish are being harvested, such that a restraint on their catch would lead to an overall increase in yield from the fishery.
Hand-held lines of various types that are used widely throughout Australia to catch fish.
hatchery production
The process of incubating eggs and rearing juveniles for release into streams, rivers or fish farm enclosures.
haul net
A fishing gear similar to a Danish seine but operated from a small boat in shallow water (less than 5 m). Unlike in a Danish seine, the ropes are short and the net is hand-hauled ...
(headline) The length of rope or wire in a trawl to which the top wings and cover netting are attached.
high seas
Waters outside national jurisdictions.

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