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СЛОВАРИ ОНЛАЙН →  Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика →  -обр-в пр в пр-возн возн-глуб глуб-ещё ещё -изла изла-косв косв-на п на п-не п не п-обра обра-откл откл-погл погл-прав прав-прод прод-расс расс-скол скол-стан стан-упра упра-ясно

Слова на букву -обр-в пр (843)

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в особых случаях
• In special situations (or cases),right-hand side of Eq. (11-8) vanishes.
в остальном
• Otherwise the main differences between ... are their forging speed and the way they store energy.
в остатке
• 131 divided by 3 is 43 with a remainder of 2.
в ответ на
• In (or As a) response (or In answer) to stresses the body of a mammal mobilizes a system of defensive reaction.
в отдалённом будущем
• If, in the (far) distant future, mankind should attempt travel to distant stars, ...
в отдельности
• It is not necessary to know the individual values of , and but only the combinations ζ =18 + 4 + 2.
в отдельности и вместе
см. как в отдельности, так и вместе
в отдельных случаях
• In specific (or individual) cases excess ammonium hydroxide dissolves copper as a complex ion. • In some instances one can use pulsed laser to permit ... • This material ...
в отличие от
. в противоположность • Active current:alternating current that part in the phase with the voltage or the effective energy, as differentiated (or ...
в отличие от этого
• For liquids and solids, contrastingly, no simple relation exists.
в отличном состоянии
• Now you can keep your indicators in top (or first-class) condition.
в отношении
• The dimethyl-amine group and the aldehyde group are in the 1.4 relationship to each other. • Jupiter's atmosphere is hydrogen and helium in a three-to-one ratio. II • ...
в отношении ... к
• Isostatic restoration occurs in the ratio (of) 4:5.
в отношении 3:2
• The triplet and quartet have areas in the ratio (of) 3:2.
в отрыве от
• The origin and density of the energy in the universe cannot be completely understood in isolation from the phenomena of life and consciousness.
в отсутствие
. при отсутствии • In the absence of samples from the planets, the meteorites were studied by chemists ...
в очень редких случаях
• Very occasionally 0.3 mg of thyroxine is necessary.
в первом приближении
• As a first approximation, assume that ... • To a first approximation, the energies of all orbits of the same are equal. • The first approximation composition of the ...
в первую очередь
• Scattering by crystalline materials will be studied first. • The new engineer should make it his first business to trace ... (or should first of all trace ... ) • The ...
в переднем конце
USAGE: в переднем (антон. заднем) конце • These glands concentrate posteriorly (антон. anteriorly) (биол.).
в перигелии
• Mercury's orbit at its perihelion ...
в период
• In that case many of the stable or long-lived atoms present would have been produced at a period when the meteorite was ...
в период наибольшей яркости
• The star was extraordinarily luminous at its brightest.
в перспективе имеется
• Many opportunities for commercial applications at higher temperatures are in sight.
в печати
• In the press.
в плане
. если смотреть сверху • In plan delta wings are somewhat triangular resembling the Greek letter Δ.
в плоскости
• This perpendicular lies in the plane of the orbit.
в поддержку
см. в защиту
в поднятом положении
• The pawls of both motors are in the raised position.
в подтверждение
• In support of this interpretation one can argue that ...
в подтверждение этого предположения
• In support of this conjecture it was noted that ...
в поисках
• In search(ing) for better logic devices ... • To waste energy and effort in the search for (or of) nonexistent deposits ... • The boreholes drilled in search of oil ...
в покое
см. в состоянии покоя
в полевых условиях
• These units are immediately available for in-the-field replacement.
в полёте
. бортовой • In-flight vibration of the aircraft ...
в полной мере
• These vacancies do not contribute in full measure to the resistivity.
в полной темноте
• The experiments were conducted in total darkness.
в полной уверенности, что
• Man has polluted the atmosphere in the certainty that the waste gases would be diluted past harm.
в полном смысле слова
• The asthenosphere is not a true liquid.
в половинной степени
• In this formula the oxygen concentration occurs only to the one-half power.
в положении
• Substitution occurs at the meta-position (хим.).
в положении включено
• The switch is in the "on" position.
в положении пара по отношению к
хим. • The amino group is located para () to the hydroxyl group.
в полтора раза больше
• That distance is half (as much) again the width of the Moon.
в полузаводском масштабе
• Preparation of 2,3-butanediol has been by fermentation on a pilot plant basis (or on a pilot scale).
в пользу
см. всё говорит в пользу; говорить в пользу; данные в пользу; довод в пользу
в пользу ... говорит
• The difference is supported (or corroborated, or confirmed) by comparable tests. • It counts in favour of this hypothesis that it covers.
в помощь
• Here, it will be useful to outline some basic concepts of the physics of metals for the benefit of readers who may not be familiar with ...
в поперечнике
. в диаметре • One might start with an electron beam a few centimetres across (or in diameter). • Craterlike basins tens of kilometres across ...
в попытках
• In an effort to form curved microchannels we use ...
в попытке
• Investigators have determined exponent in an attempt to specify ...
в порошкообразной форме
• When in the powdered form, dolomite effervesces with ...
в порядке возрастания длины
• The wires are grouped in ascending order of length (or in order of increasing length).
в порядке возрастания энергии
• Orbitals are filled in order of increasing energy.
в порядке живой очереди
• Prospective users apply for licences on the first-come, first-served basis.
в порядке подготовки к
• Preparatory to solving this equation, we first discuss ... • In preparation for this work ...
в порядке проведения программы
• UN began a systematic search for mineral brines as part of its program of geothermal investigation.
в порядке убывающей твёрдости
• The chief natural abrasives, in order of decreasing hardness, are diamond, corundum, emery ...
в порядке увеличения
• The variety of magnetic "bottles" designed for this purpose over the years can be arranged in order of increasing plasma density. • The characteristic speeds are indexed in ...
в порядке увеличения размера
• The various transfinities can be listed in increasing size.
в порядке уменьшения
• The next category of uranium ore in descending (or decreasing) order of uranium content consists of ...
в порядке, обратном
• These minerals tend to weather in inverse order to their sequence of crystallization.
в последнее время
• Considerable recent attention has been focused on ... • Currently some evidence has been advanced which ... • No improvements have been noted recently (or in recent ...
в последнее время предпочитают пользоваться
• Recent trends are toward increased use of electronic components.
в последнем случае
USAGE: в последнем случае (из двух) • If the latter is the case, the lamp pattern indicates ... • In the latter case is some whole number of ...
в последовательном порядке
• You will find the explanations arranged consecutively. • The photographs are taken in an orderly sequence.
в последующем изложении
• The point of view to be discussed from here on (or in the subsequent text, or in what follows) is one that has been ... • In the following, we will expand upon these ...
в последующие годы
• In succeeding years rocket flights confirmed our initial results. • These devices, manufactured since 1915, have undergone many changes during the ensuing years (or during ...
в последующих главах
• These principles are discussed in the chapters that follow [or in the following (or subsequent) chapters].
в правой верхней части
• This is the condition existing at the upper right of Fig. 8.1.
в правой части уравнения
• If SI units are used for the quantities on the right (or in the right-hand side, or in the right member) of Eq. (2-36) ... . в левой части уравнения
в практической работе
• In practice, we almost always deal with systems for which ...
в предвидимом будущем
. в обозримом будущем • This type of machine will continue most effectively to meet the needs of large-scale production in the foreseeable future. • There ...
в пределах
. надёжный в пределах • The uncertainty with respect to the depth of the hypocentres remains a matter of kilometres. • The width of the buildings is in the ...
в пределах ... миль от
• The greatest portion of the atmosphere lies within a few miles of the earth's surface.
в пределах видимости
• Take bearings from a known position, or within sight of the transmitter.
в пределах возможностей
• A fast for 40 days is (well) within the capability of a healthy adult.

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