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Слова на букву обра-откл (843)

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ослаблять винт
• Loosen by 1/2 turn two screws of the adjustable link. • Release (or Slacken, or Back up) the screw.
ослаблять гайку
• Slacken (or Loosen, or Release, or Back up) the nut.
ослаблять сигнал
• Ferrite magnetic fields may attenuate (or weaken) the signal.
• The repulsive force falls off with distance. • The polarization decays when ...
• The resistance of the rock may change, causing the anchoring to give way. II • Interest in optical logic elements waned in the late 1960s.
см. вызывать осложнения
осложнять положение
• Hydrogen is high on the list of candidates, but the problem of storing it safely and compactly stands in the way.
осложняться тем, что
• The constancy of supply is complicated by the fact that electric energy cannot be stored economically on a large scale.
• The samples recovered from the wells were inspected by the geologist in the field.
. визуальный осмотр • The machine can be rapidly opened up for rotor inspection (or examination).
см. обеспечивать; оборудован
. снабжён • The tool is fitted with ball racings and needle bearings.
оснащённый приборами
см. хорошо оснащённый приборами
. в качестве основы для; в основе ... лежит; здоровая основа; металл основы; на базе которого; на ...
основа для
• We use this result as a building block to study the effect of ...
основа для ... заложена в
• The stage for the events preliminary to life's origin was set on a sterile earth devoid of large continents.
• In the present form, the plant had its origin (or was founded) in 1975.
основан на
. быть основанным на; в основе ... лежит • Our work was founded on experiments with ... • This system of nomenclature is founded on the names of ...
основан на данных по
• The two theories had their bases in quantitative analytical evidence.
основан на общих принципах
• All antennas share basic principles.
основан на предположении о том, что
• The test rests on the assumption that ...
основан на том, что
• Another consideration favouring crossflow towers stems from the fact that ...
см. давать достаточные основания для; есть все основания полагать, что; иметь все основания; ...
основание для
• The electromotive series cannot serve as a guide for predicting corrosion behaviour of metals.
основание института
• The establishment (or founding) of the Institute.
основание перпендикуляра
• The foot of the perpendicular.
основание треугольника
• The base of the triangle.
основанный на
• The optogalvanic effect is compared to two other laser-based selective ionization methods in Fig. 2. • We use a method derived from the balanced chemical equation. • ...
основаны на аналогичном принципе
• The charge-coupled device shares much the same technological base with the transistor.
основная единица
• The fundamental unit of mass in the metric system is the gramme.
основная забота
см. уделять главное внимание
основная и производная единицы
• The basic and derived SI units ...
основная масса
• The effect was related to the difference in surface tension between the bulk and the surface of the liquid. II • The overwhelming bulk of the phenols, cresols, and xylenols ...
основная мысль
• The central (or basic) idea is that the device ...
основная реакция
• The fundamental reaction is the oxidation of luciferin.
основная роль
см. играть основную роль в
основная трудность заключается в
• The central problem with my instrument was finding a readily available sphere.
основная цель
• The prime object (or objective) of most industrial concerns is ...
основная часть
. большая часть • The Sun emits the bulk (or most) of its energy output at optical wavelengths. • When a new design is required the bulk of the equipment can be ...
основное внимание
см. привлекать к себе главное внимание; уделять главное внимание
основное внимание уделяется
• The emphasis is on the detection of the maximum number of elements.
основное оборудование
• It is anticipated that major (or the basic) equipment will be delivered in the spring.
основное положение
• It is a fundamental (or central) tenet of chemical kinetics that ...
основное правило
• The fundamental (or basic) rule. • A set of ground rules for switching over to ...
основное преимущество
см. преимущество
основное содержание
• This constitutes the dominant bulk of the subject matter of ...
основное соображение
• The major consideration in determining the condition for forging is ...
основное требование, предъявляемое к ... состоит в том, чтобы
• The essential feature required of any aromatic compound is that there be extensive delocalization of ...
основное уравнение
• The basic (or general, or fundamental) equation of the heat balance ...
. в основном; главный; определяющий фактор • Refrigeration and heating require the major portion of the energy. • It is the look into the ...
основной для
• The concept of coordination is basic to the formulation of the structure of polyatomic molecules and ions.
основной металл
• Cladding can be added to both sides of a sheet or strip of base metal. • The base (or basic) metal of an alloy ... • Fusion of the parent metal and the addition of metal ...
основной металл и покрытие
• Parts can be designed with a base metal of the required structural properties, allowing the overlay to meet wear and corrosion needs.
основной при
• The concept of coordination is basic to the formulation of the structure of polyatomic molecules and ions.
основной текст
• This will not be considered further in the main body of the text.
основной упор
см. делать основной упор на
основной элемент
• The column is the heart of the gas chromatograph.
основные детали
• Key (or Principal, or Chief, or Main) components.
основные принципы
• The basic principles of ...
основные размеры
• The essential (or principal, or basic) dimensions.
основные сведения
• We shall give you basic facts about bushings. • The essentials of the system's operation in response to stress are as follows: ... • It is planned to give a groundwork of ...
основные факты
• Fundamental (or Basic) facts.
основные черты
• Let us begin by considering some of the salient (or prominent, or main) features of particle accelerators. • The fundamentals of the basic oxygen steelmaking process are as ...
основные элементы
• The essentials of an electrolytic cell are shown in Fig. 10.1.
основу ... составляет
• At the heart of the simulator are 23 minicomputers.
• This chapter discusses the basics (or elements, or rudiments) of machine control. • The essentials of these radio systems are discussed in this article. • The foundations ...
основываться на предположении о
• All previous analyses started from (or were based on) assumptions of fixed reactor temperature, throughput and conversion.
. в особенности • The smooth surface of the conveyor makes it particularly suitable for ... • In many cases, especially (or particularly) with reactions of ...
особенно бросаться в глаза
• Particularly striking is the presence of innumerable vertical basalt dikes.
особенно важен
• Of prime importance is the growing role of the chemical engineer. • This is of particular value (or importance) (or particularly important) for plastics.
особенно высокий и т.п.
• Three classes of carbonium ions owe their pronounced stability to ...
особенно интересен
• Of particular (or special) interest is the theory that ...
особенно интересовать
• It is the factors determining the rate of interphase transfer that have been the particular concern of (or have attracted the particular attention of) many chemical engineers.
особенно перспективный
• This method appears to be particularly promising.
особенно подходить для
• This device is particularly appealing (or attractive) for use as artificial muscle.
особенно подчёркивать
см. необходимо особенно подчеркнуть, что
особенно полезный
• The system should be of particular assistance in the preparation of drawings.
особенно следует отметить
• Of special note is the very large value for the proton.
особенно тщательно сконструирован
• Particular care has been taken in cross-slide design.
особенно ярко проявляться
• This effect is most pronounced at the edges of the air ducts.
. конструктивные особенности; отличительная черта; характерная особенность • The peculiarities of tRNAs ... ...
особое внимание уделено
. упор делается на • Particular emphasis has been placed on (or Particular attention has been given to) the use of shock tubes. • Part II provides the ...
особую ценность представляет
• Of particular value is the clear determination of ...
• There are some dozens of lipids, each with its distinctive (or peculiar, or own) chemical pattern. • Most of the amino acids contain an asymmetric carbon in a particular ...
особый интерес
см. представлять особый интерес
особый интерес представляет
• Of special interest is the availability of an on-line tape punch arrangement.
особый случай
• These particles are a special case because they are massless and move with the speed of light.
. понять • Aristotle perceived the importance of water in shaping the land. • We (have come to) realize that geology is a dynamic science. • As time passed, aircraft ...
. можно оспаривать • This role was much disputed until ...
оспаривать целесообразность
• Few doctors would dispute the value of attempting to treat this disease when it is first discovered.
см. усреднять
. в результате ... остаётся мало; после ... остаётся; сохраняться • Chemicals which are left (or remain) too long in contact ...
оставаться без изменений
см. оставаться неизменным • Air and water rates are (or remain) unchanged (or unaltered, or constant) on crossing ...
оставаться без последствий
• In some states of the positronium such an exchange is of no consequence; in other states, however, it changes the sign of the wave function.
оставаться безрезультатным
• Our research efforts often go unrewarded.
оставаться в растворе
• Borax and other salts remain in solution.
оставаться в силе
• The previous equations (still) stand [or remain valid (or in force)]. • If the filters were not matched, the same result would hold (good). • This approximation holds (or ...
оставаться в состоянии покоя
• No particle as light as the electron can hold still for very long.
оставаться в тени
• This side of the telescope is kept away from the sun (or is kept in the shade).
оставаться загадкой
• The origin of the Gulf Coastal Plain remains (something of) an enigma.
оставаться на месте
• The vapours escaped, whereas the solids remained on the spot. • Seawater could be evaporated locally, and the chemical compounds would then be left behind. • The remaining ...
оставаться недоказанным
• This statement stands (or remains) unproved.
оставаться незамеченным
. не оставаться незамеченным • The neuropathy of diabetes often seems to escape notice. • The rapid fall of the water table goes (largely) unheeded ...
оставаться неизвестным
• The origin of these clusters remains a mystery (or unknown).
оставаться неизменным
. без изменения; оставаться без изменений • This benzene ring has remained intact. • In this way the positioning of the optics can be left ...
оставаться неизменным при
• The positional isomerism is unchanged on oxidation. • The angles are unchanged by rotation. • Rotation of the plane leaves all angles unchanged. • The correlation is ...
оставаться неиспользованным
• Additional petroleum accumulations remain untapped.
оставаться неопознанным
• This was argon, but it went unrecognized.
оставаться неподвижным
• We only deal with the displacement vectors on the atoms that stay put. • All the other molecules remain stationary (or immobile).
оставаться неразрешённым
• A number of problems (still) remain to be solved (or remain unsolved).
оставаться нетронутым
• When the base is dissolved in acid the gold shell is left (or remains, or is preserved) intact.
оставаться постоянным
. оставаться неизменным • The slit width of the instrument is kept (or held, or remains) constant for a series of measurements. • These laws deal with a ...
оставаться постоянным при изменении
• The transmission loss is not constant with frequency.
оставаться постоянным при преобразовании
• The characteristic manifolds of a system are invariant under the transformation of ...
оставаться преданным
• They remained devotees of (or devoted to) the phlogiston theory.
оставаться прежним
• All observable properties of the hadron would remain as before.
оставаться справедливым
• The previous expressions still stand. • The law of conservation of mass always holds.
оставаться таким
• The sub-boundary corrosion susceptibility is low and has been observed to remain so after ageing four years at room temperature.
оставить стоять
• Set the solution aside (or Allow the solution to stand) for a week. • When fresh milk is allowed (or left) to stand several hours, ...
оставляет желать лучшего
• The internal consistency of the method leaves something to be desired.
оставляет желать много лучшего
• Both theories leave much (or a lot) to be desired (or are far from perfect) in their correlation with experimental data.
оставлять в стороне
• Leaving aside the special case of superconductors, we shall try to describe the electronic ground state of the crystal.
оставлять за собой
• The high-field region in its passage across the diode leaves behind it a dense "plasma" of electrons and holes.
оставлять на усмотрение
• The finish can be left to discretion of the manufacturer.
оставлять неприкрытым
• The sample was left exposed to the air.
оставлять след
• Lead makes a mark on paper.
оставшийся неизменным
• Each intact benzene ring ...
• It remains (or It only remains for us) to compute NT according to Eq. (.10).
остаётся выяснить
• It remains to be seen whether similar reactions operate in other cells. • Whether this will be an economical method remains to be seen. • It remains (now) to see how the ...
остаётся исследовать
• One related possibility remains to be investigated.
остаётся ответить на вопросы
• Many other questions remain to be answered.
остаётся тайной
• How these genes are controlled remains a mystery.
остальная часть
. остальные элементы • The symbols used in the remainder (or the rest) of this discussion are shown in the table. • Of the newly transcribed mRNA, about 80% ...
• Filler metals for brazing aluminium and aluminium alloys usually contain 4-13% silicon, with copper 0.3-4%), (and the) balance aluminium. • Monel, an alloy of approximately ...
• The remainder of the energy stored in the bond is covalent in character. • The rest of the time is represented by diastems.
• We thus have four characteristics, two associated with the fast wave front and the remaining (or the other) two with the slow wave front. • These are metals; the remaining ...
остальные структуры
USAGE: остальные элементы (структуры и т.п.) • The wavenumbers are independent of the rest of the structure.
остальные элементы
USAGE: остальные элементы (структуры и т.п.) • The wavenumbers are independent of the rest of the structure.
. выводить из эксплуатации; прекращать • The table is fed to the right and up to a dead stop, which arrests its movement. • Movement of the ...
останавливать поступление
см. отрезать поступление
. прекращаться • The planet would come to a halt (or to a stop),then start falling toward the Sun. • The gas is accelerated through a nozzle and is there brought ...
останавливаться на
. сосредоточиваться на • We dwell on this equation because it is quite successful. • I will enlarge on the subject of ventilation.
• Electrical energy is needed to restart the dead engine.
см. аварийная остановка; запуск и остановка
• The machine was shut down for the holiday.
. остальной • Fusain consists essentially of the remains of decomposed plants.
остаток ряда
матем. • Remainder of an infinite series after the n-th term ...
остающаяся часть
• Geothermal energy will probably not become a major source of energy during the remainder of this century.
• The operator should guard against accidental contact of ... • Tube failure and leakage, and dirty tubes are the main things which must be guarded against.
осторожная оценка
• A conservative estimate.
• The zero-setting system should be used with care (or with caution) and only for flights of short duration. • Dioxin should always be prescribed with caution.
осторожно обращаться с
см. обращаться исключительно осторожно
см. проявлять исключительную осторожность
острая нехватка
• The shortage of the substances for research is acute.
острая проблема
• The transportation problem did not become pressing until large oil reservoirs were discovered in the North Sea.
острая проблема, стоящая перед
• The detection of trace components has always been a challenge to the analytical chemist.
остро заточен
• Tools should be kept very sharp, and frequent hand stoning is recommended.
остро необходимый
• The measurements will provide much-needed clues to the evolution of the system.
остро реагировать на
• The calcium carbonate crystallites in this solid are extraordinarily reactive to hydrogen sulphide.
остро сознавать
• One must be keenly (or acutely) aware of environmental hazards. • Britain has a keen awareness of the importance of technology in fostering economic development.
остро сознавать опасности загрязнения
• We are (only too) painfully aware of the threats of air and water pollution.
острое обоняние
• Many animals have an acute sense of smell.
острое отравление
• The effect of acute lead poisoning of the kidneys can be serious.
остроумное решение вопроса
• He found an ingenious solution to that problem.
остроумный метод
• An ingenious method for ...
• The problem of contaminants in the gas is acute. • The treatment of a severe anaemia ...
острый максимум
см. иметь острый максимум
• The volcanic rocks that form on the surface can cool (down) very quickly.
осуществим в промышленных условиях при помощи
• The process has been made industrially possible by the laser.
• To predict the technical feasibility of larger projects, ...
. возможный; практически возможный; экономически осуществимый • Every physically realizable (or feasible) capacitor has ...
• This saving already has been effected in most of the urban sections.
. выполнение • The execution (or implementing) of a program ... • It is well to have an electric hoist for handling (or performing, or carrying out) this ...
осуществление плана
• The execution of a plan.
• The assemblies completed in this manner must ...
. вести записи; выполнять; проводить; производить • The combination of so many properties is difficult to achieve (or attain, or ...
осуществлять вращение
• The CH3 group executes a rotation relative to ...
осуществлять движение
• The molecules engage in Brownian motion. • The point executes (or carries out) harmonic motions.
осуществлять контроль
• Strict controls must be exerted in hypochlorite bleaching to avoid oxidation of the cotton. • To exercise control over workshop operations, ...
осуществлять операцию
• These operations can be done (or performed, or carried out, or accomplished) under pressure.
осуществлять план
• To carry out (or execute) a plan.
осуществлять программу
• The program is being carried out.
осуществлять реакцию
. проводить реакцию • The reaction is hard to achieve (or accomplish) under laboratory conditions. • The reaction might be performed in the cell. • We ...
осуществлять регуляцию
биол. • The manner in which hormones exert control is easily explained by ...
осуществлять управление
• Management of such airports rests in [or is the function (or responsibility) of] a city department. • The cell cytoplasm exerts control over the timing of synthesis.
осуществлять функцию
• The activated kinase performs the same function for a related enzyme, phosphory-lase kinase.
. вестись; достигаться; производиться • Loading is direct into railroad cars. • Control of the welding current is by a trip-switch. • ...
осуществляться по методу
• The calculation follows the method given by ...
осуществляться посредством
• Regulation of enzyme synthesis is (effected) by way of post-transcriptional events.
осуществляться путём
• The transport through the film is solely by molecular diffusion.
. вращаться вокруг оси; насаженный на ось; откладывать на оси • The centreline of the workpiece ...
ось вращения
• The rotational axis (or The axis of rotation) of Venus ...
см. в отличие от; гарантирован от; зависеть от; защита от; изолировать от; независимо от; ...
от ... до
. изменяться от ... до; иметь различный состав от ... до • Between 25 and 30 rivets can be fixed per minute. • The plant was required ...
от ... до ... , включительно
• On the finite interval x1 to x2, inclusive, ... • As shown in Secs. 5 through 7, ...
от ... ещё далеко до
• The description of the monomer units was a long way from the determination of ...
от ... к
. изменяться от одного ... к другому • Pressures vary with each station. • The magnitude of this change will vary from mill to mill. • The ...
от ... мало пользы
• Direct conductance measurements are of little use unless ...
от времени до времени
. время от времени • From time to time optical astronomers would succeed in identifying ... • Provision must be made for defrosting the pipes at intervals (or ...
от которого зависит
• The features governing this stereoscopicity indicate that ...
от минимума до максимума
• Ripple voltage is less than 20 mV peak to peak.
от начала до конца
• The concentration of a highly reactive intermediate has been followed from start to finish.
от обратного
см. доказательство от обратного
от одного ... к другому
• The concentration of water vapour varies widely from cylinder to cylinder (or from one cylinder to another).
от одного конца до другого
• The hardness gradient is uniform from end to end of the shell. • The fibril may traverse the chromosome 200 or more times from one end to the other.
от одного места к другому
• The permanent fields measured by the Apollo instruments vary from place to place.
от одной партии деталей к другой
• The treated product will not vary from one lot to the next.
от руки
• Portions of the tape can be deleted or replaced with manually entered data.
от себя
• Always use the plotting board with North away from you.
от сети
см. работающий от сети
от случая к случаю
• The appropriate functions are different from case to case (or from one case to another).
от средних до крупных размеров
• Particles of medium to coarse size ...
от удара
• The diaphragm breaks on impact.
от электропривода
см. работать от электропривода
отапливаемый газом
• Gas-fired furnaces ...
отапливаемый углём
• A coal-fired boiler ...
отбивать молотком
• The lead bottom is hammered free from the slag.
отбивать образец молотком
USAGE: отбивать образец (породы) молотком • The geologist sampled the slate with his hammer.
отбивать образец породы молотком
USAGE: отбивать образец (породы) молотком • The geologist sampled the slate with his hammer.
отбирать образцы
. брать образцы • The gas was sampled periodically. • Samples of metal were drawn (or taken) at 10 min intervals. • To take samples. • Samples were withdrawn ...
отбирать пробы
см. брать образцы
отбор образцов
• The sampling of such gases is just beginning.
• Streaks and other flaws causing rejection of moulded items often result from improper storage.
отбраковывать дефектные детали
• The tester automatically rejects the flawed parts.
. отказываться от • We drop (or discard) the infinitesimal term (матем.).
отбрасывать изображение на
• The lens throws the image of a lamp filament on to the drawing.
отбрасывать резкую тень
• Light travels in straight lines and casts sharp shadows.
отбрасывать тень
• The luminous part of the flame casts a shadow if placed between ...
• Questionable data should be rejected.
отбрасываться к
• Because of the change of direction, the particles are flung to the outer wall.
• The caisson was built on shore and floated to the site.
см. отправлять в отвал
. время, отведённое на • The bands of frequencies assigned (or allocated) to the amateur service ...
• The theory fell into disrepute. • In the case of the Sea of Japan, the entrapment hypothesis has been rejected (or discarded, or denounced, or overthrown, or ruled out). • ...
отвернуть до конца
• When the regulator is screwed full out, ...
• Wire screen openings.
отверстие для болта
• There is a hole in the bearing cap to receive the bolt.
отверстие под
• Holes to receive these pins are drilled by means of ...
отверстие сита
• 7/8 in. screen (or sieve) opening ...
см. в ответ на; давать ответ на
ответ на вопрос
см. находить ответ на вопрос
ответственная деталь
• A critical part. • Clutch plates, bearings and other vital (or essential, or important) parts ...
ответственная операция
• For exacting services, the compressor may be sealed with chilled water to prevent condensation in lines.
ответственность лежит на
• The responsibility for what may happen afterwards will be on you. • The responsibility of maintaining the boiler in first-class condition rests with the operating engineer.
• Oscilloscopes of better than ±2% system accuracy for the most demanding applications ...
отвечать критерию
• The species reported fitted (or met) all the criteria.
отвечать нормам
см. отвечать стандартам; полностью отвечать нормам
отвечать описанию
• If the lead (свинец) from an object of unknown age fits the description of a meteoritic lead ...
отвечать потребностям
• Answering this need was the water-tube boiler. • This approach is quite adequate for our needs (or meets our needs).
отвечать стандартам
• The dimensions should be in conformity (or compliance) with the relevant standards. • These capacities meet (or conform to, or comply with) government standards.
отвечать техническим требованиям
• The tube meets (or conforms to, or complies with, or corresponds to) specifications. • The equipment lives up to its specifications.
отвечать требованиям
. удовлетворять требованиям • The design was adequate. • The connectors (fully) conform to (or comply with, or meet, or correspond to) the ...
отвечать требованиям конструкции
• The methods of calculating the height or packed volume, required to meet design criteria, ...

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