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Слова на букву обра-откл (843)

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• To unscrew the cutter the bar, ... • The base of the trap can be screwed off by hand. • Unscrew the plastic cap.
отвинчивать винт
• Remove the right-hand amplifier mounting bracket by extracting the two screws in the side of the instrument case. • Remove (or Take out) the screws at the left-hand end. • ...
отвинчивать гайку
• Remove the washer by first taking off the nut. • If two nuts are completely undone ... • Unscrew (or Remove) the nuts securing the tube to the chamber.
см. если отвлечься от технической стороны вопроса
отвод тепла
• The heat-rejection (or -removal) unit maintains the water temperature at the level required for the process.
• These pipes divert the brine any one circuit into ... • Swing the pen arm to the left, and fit the chart over the chart post. II • A different frequency band is ...
отводить в сторону
• A drawbridge can be raised, lowered, or drawn aside to provide a clear passage.
отводить от
• The spindle assembly is arranged in such a manner that it is moved clear of the work-piece in the event of failure of the power supply. • Before the micrometer is returned ...
отводить тепло
• At currents of about 1000 to 3000 amperes per square centimetre much heat still must be removed (or carried away) from the laser during operation. • The latent heat ...
• The oil provides for lubrication of the bearings and escapes by way of a passage in the shaft. • When the tool has been transferred to the spindle, the arm retracts and the ...
см. отвернуть до конца
• The carbon disulphide is distilled away. • If these materials are heated strongly with hydrogen chloride, GeCI4 distils (or is distilled) off.
• The water condensed from the steam after it has given up its energy can provide a supply of fresh water. • Acids give up cations. • As the nucleus loses (or gives up) ...
отдавать должное за
• We must give him credit for a rather simple model of ...
отдавать и присоединять
• The substance which donates (or gives up) hydrogen or electrons is said to be oxidized and the one which accepts (or adds) the hydrogen is said to be reduced.
отдавать или присоединять
• The molecule can either lose (or give away) or gain (or take up) protons.
отдавать предпочтение
. предпочитать • Preference is given to the largest group. • The proximate analysis is preferred. • In this age of computers the attraction is toward a ...
отдавать тепло
• The molten metal is losing heat to the cavity surface throughout the filling period. • Steam flows around the outside of the tubes, giving up its latent heat.
отдавать электроны
• A base is an ion or a molecule that can donate a pair of electrons. • The iron loses electrons to tin.
отдавать энергию
• The accelerated ions give up energy to the molecules of ... • The atom gives up (or releases, or liberates) its energy as radiated light. • Microwaves in a wave guide ...
отдалённо напоминать
• Many malignant neoplasms only vaguely resemble their normal counterpart tissue.
отдалённое будущее
см. в весьма отдалённом будущем; в далёком будущем
• The force is transmitted to distant points on the plate. • To analyse the interstellar gas in remote parts of our galaxy, ...
• The energy lost to the gas may be sufficient to bring the particle to rest.
. давать наибольший эффект • Lasers are difficult to keep operating with good performance.
отдача тепла
• Rejection (or Loss) of heat to a cold body occurs ...
отдача тепла путём проводимости
• Loss of heat to the walls by conduction was observed.
отдача электрона
• The loss of an electron.
отделение ... от
• Both processes require physical separation of the liquid phase the solid phase.
отделённый от
• At each end of the shell is fitted a cast-iron endpiece divided (or separated) from the shell by a brass tube plate.
отделены друг от друга
• The conductors are separated by thin mica sheets.
см. высокий класс отделки поверхности
отделка поверхности
• The castings have uniform surface finish.
. красиво отделывать хромом • The unit is handsomely finished in walnut or mahogany. • Electrocoating approach can be used to give a surface a velvet ...
. в отдельности • Despite this, proteinurea should be considered further in its own right.
отдельно и вместе
см. как в отдельности, так и вместе
отдельно или вместе
• We are interested in a response where and act singly or together. • The three basic techniques may be used singly or in combination.
• Longitudinal and transverse cracks break the rock into discrete (or separate) blocks.
отдельные лица
• Research is no longer carried out by isolated individuals.
. в отдельных случаях; каждый в отдельности • The components of the sample separate into individual spots or bands. • We tabulated these ...
отделять от
• This transition is extremely difficult to resolve from the laser-excited molecular fluorescence. • The demodulator separates the audio-frequency signal ...
• As the sperm mature, they break away and often circulate in the tail cavity.
отделяться от
• A yeast cell develops a protuberance which gradually enlarges and then breaks away (or separates) from the mother cell. II • The cross bunker is segregated (or separated) ...
см. зона отдыха
• Domestic oil production ...
см. выход из строя
отказ от
. упразднение • This paper led to the eventual abandonment of the old theory. • The steam engine epitomized Britain's break with the traditional European "wood and ...
отказываться от
. отменять; прекращать • We must do away with the present system. • The ruby laser must be ruled out for fusion purposes. • Here, the engineer should ...
отказываться от ... в пользу
• The "interlock" model was soon abandoned in favour of "attractive force" descriptions.
• The tube contains a cathode and an anode in an evacuated envelope.
• An air pump draws away the condensate. • The instrument is evacuated (or purged) with a dry gas. • The water was pumped out.
откидное дно
• A drop-bottom bucket ...
см. отложить до
откладывать на оси
• On the abscissa the equivalent local length of each objective is plotted. • The abscissa is the temperature of the source. • Operating frequencies are laid off (or ...
откладывать обсуждение
см. переносить обсуждение
откладывать обсуждение на некоторое время
• We shall set these problems aside for the time being.
откладывать по оси
• On the abscissa the equivalent local length of each objective is plotted. • The abscissa is the temperature of the source. • Operating frequencies are laid off (or ...
откладываться на графике
см. отражаться на графике в виде
. расхождение с • The magnetic field produces strong deflection in the carrier's trajectory.
отклонение на полную шкалу
USAGE: отклонение (стрелки) на полную шкалу • Full-scale deflection.
отклонение наружу
• The shock waves are associated with outward diversions of the airflow.
отклонение от
• The countertorque increases in proportion to the excursion of the coil its zero position. • Large departures of the equipotential surface sphericity will not affect the ...
отклонение от круглой формы
• The cylinder gauge can be used for determining out-of-roundness.
отклонение от нормального режима
см. ненормальность в работе
отклонение стрелки на полную шкалу
USAGE: отклонение (стрелки) на полную шкалу • Full-scale deflection.
отклонение стрелки прибора
• The deflection of the needle (or The throw of the point).
• The mirror deflected the laser beam.
отклонять от
• A malfunction in the lines of the hydraulic control of the rocket could send it off its programmed trajectory. • The resulting force deflects the pendulum the vertical.
. форма капли отклоняется от сферической • The particle's path is deflected by the gravitational field of Jupiter. • The arc is deflected ...
отклоняться на
• The angular positions of the new distances were not quite right, but they were never off by more than eight minutes.
отклоняться на большой угол
• Some of the particles were deflected through wide angles.
отклоняться от
. далеко отклоняться от; значительно отклоняться от • These coefficients depart (very appreciably) from unity. • When the ...
отклоняться от вертикали
• If the stick tips (too far) out of vertical, it will fall.
отклоняться от инструкций
• The special properties of these alloys will not permit bending the rules as much as with ordinary machining.
отклоняться от истины на
• The lag introduced in such a case can produce altitude readings which are more than 20,000 ft in error. • With this method of calculation you would be off by 3,000 miles.
отклоняться от круглой формы
• If the furnace is out of round, ...

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