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Слова на букву прав-прод (843)

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. выполнять; осуществлять • The absorption of HC1 is often conducted (or carried out) without cooling. • Much research work has been ...
проводить абсорбцию
• It might be preferable to run (or conduct, or carry out) the absorption at a higher temperature.
проводить анализ
• Satisfactory analysis can be performed (or carried out, or made) on samples having ...
проводить аналогию с
• He drew the analogy to convention in the atmosphere.
проводить в жизнь
• The new plan was implemented [or put into effect (or operation)]. • If such developments can be brought to fruition, there should be great potentialities for ...
проводить вычисление
см. выполнять вычисления
проводить дифференцирование по
• The differentiation is performed with respect to this variable.
проводить дорожные испытания
см. испытывать на дорогах
проводить измерение
• We used laser-excited fluorescence to perform the measurement. • Always stop the work before taking a measurement. • Measurements were taken (or made, or conducted, or ...
проводить изучение
• The studies were conducted (or done, or carried out) by means of ... • We have made studies into ...
проводить интегрирование
• Now perform the integration with n = 1, 2, 3, ... • Integrate over the volume of ... • In the latter case integration is to be taken (or carried out, or performed) along ...
проводить испытание
. испытывать • Thousands of fatigue tests were conducted (or carried out, or performed, or run).
проводить исследования
. вести исследования; исследовать • As actual investigations are pursued, ... • The studies were conducted with the actual support ...
проводить кабель
• The cables for each circuit are led (or laid, or run) by independent routes.
проводить линию
• Draw (or Pass) a line connecting the two pairs of points.
проводить операцию
• These operations were often conducted (or performed, or carried out) simultaneously.
проводить опыт
• It is necessary to conduct (or do, or carry out, or make) the experiment under conditions such that ...
проводить преобразование
• The same transformation is applied to the same hadron.
проводить различие между
. следует проводить различие между • One must discriminate between these and other theories. • Distinction is drawn between the permeability ...
проводить реакцию
• We prefer to conduct (or carry out, or run, or perform) this reaction at 150°F.
проводить резкое различие между
• The dividing line between what is called emerald green beryl is sharp.
проводить рукой вдоль
• Draw your hand along the tube as it revolves.
проводить черту между
• In order to draw a line between marketed grades of copper and copper alloys, the ASTM has adopted specifications in which ...
проводить эксперимент
• Experiments have been pursued (or performed, or conducted, or carried out) to determine ...
• The measurements are in progress [or are being conducted (or carried out)]. • Work is proceeding on the development of a new system. • A series of experiments has been ...
проводиться в обычном порядке
• A conventional procedure is followed for planning ...
проводиться весьма интенсивно
• The study of such forces is currently an active area of investigation.
проводиться по методу
• The calculation follows the method given by ...
проводка к двигателю
• If the direction of rotation is incorrect, the wiring to the motor must be altered.
прогибать заготовку
• A tool that is not sharp may tend to pull the stock out of line during machining.
прогноз климата
• Climatic prediction.
• After leaving the assembly line the complete chassis are given a running-in trial. II • Helium is forced (or circulated) through each coolant loop.
• After switching on, allow five minutes for the instrument to warm up. • After an initial warming-up period the instrument shows no drift for six hours.
• Suppose a manufacturing concern wishes to market (or sell) bolt sets ...
продавать в розницу
USAGE: продавать в розницу (антон. оптом) • Hydrogen peroxide is sold retail (антон. wholesale) in '20 volume' and '10 volume' solutions.
продавать оптом
USAGE: продавать в розницу (антон. оптом) • Hydrogen peroxide is sold retail (антон. wholesale) in '20 volume' and '10 volume' solutions.
. иметься в продаже • This product finds a market as an oxidizing agent for ... • Bromine is available in 6.5-lb bottles. • Bacitracin is normally marketed ...
продавливать через
• The liquid is forced through a capillary tube.
. иметься в продаже; поступать в продажу; торговля • Finished steel is steel that is ready for marketing (or sale) without further ...
• Construction at Fermilab proceeded faster than at CERN. • The cascade of secondary electrons grows exponentially as it progresses along the inside of the tube. • The art ...
продвигаться на
• The rotary switch advances one contact for each impulse it receives. • The leavers permit the scrape wheel to advance one tooth.
• The rate of advance of the drilling bit ... • The progress is of order of 1000 linear feet per week.
продвижение по
• The fast progress of a part through the factory ...
продвинутая стадия
. находиться на продвинутой стадии разработки • A still grander device is in an advanced stage of development.
продевать через
• We thread one end of the wire through the tube.
проделана большая исследовательская работа
• A considerable volume of research has been carried out.
проделанная работа
• If is work done (or performed) by a force ...
проделанный в
• Rollers become wedged between the sleeve and recessed pockets machined in the hub.
проделать анализ
• We have done (or performed, or carried out) an analysis of ...
проделать вычисления
• In applying this notion Kepler went through (or carried out) tedious calculations.
проделывать работу
• No work of expansion is performed (or carried out, or done).
проделывать работу над
• For a reversible expansion, work done (or performed, or carried out) on the gas is ... • Work must be done on the molecular pair to drive them together.
продет сквозь отверстия
• Platinum wire electrodes were laced through the holes in the paper.
• His analysis was inspired by experimental observations made by ...
• (Up)on differentiating (or differentiation) we obtain ...
• The space mission was lengthened (or prolonged) for another eight months.
продлевать срок службы
• The copper in the bond adds considerably to grinding wheel life. • The coating considerably extends (or prolongs) the life of these alloys. • The programme was designed to ...
• We now pursue our discussion in more detail. II • We extend the line by the distance fg. • The straight line must be produced into the opposite quadrant.
продолжать верить в то, что
• They persisted in the belief that ...
продолжать двигаться
• Such particles will continue in motion (or moving, or to move).
продолжать исследование
• Let us explore this equation further so that we can apply it to ...
продолжать обсуждение
• In Chapter 12, we shall have more to say (or shall continue discussion) about hot spots on the continental lithosphere.
продолжать свой путь
• The stone will surmount the obstacle and continue on its way. • The neutrinos pass through the object and continue on their way to vast distances.
продолжать существовать
• This fish was especially well developed in the middle Mesosoic and persists to the present. • These terms persist today.
продолжать увеличиваться
• As the number of variables increases further (or continues to increase) ...
. длиться • The course covers three years. • The laboratory course extends over the first two years. • Each pulse lasts for 5x10-9 second. II • These ...
• The upper curve is an extension of the lower curve to negative values of the abscissa.
продолжительное время
. в течение продолжительного времени • Ageing for a more or less extended time ... • Prolonged intervals.
продолжительное выдерживание
• Long standing in an excess of alcohol converts the hemiacetal into a complete acetal.
• The duration of the laser pulse is determined by ... • The length of the induction period ...
продолжительность жизни
• Plants that first colonize bare ground will have short life spans (or expectation of life, or life expectancy) (ботан.).
продолжительность существования
. время жизни • Estimates of the life (expectancy) of these energy sources vary.
. иметь продолжительный срок службы • The microscope makes possible lengthy (or prolonged, or protracted) investigations with small objects. • ...
продолжительный период
. в течение продолжительного времени • A circuit may have different characteristics after an extended (or prolonged) period of use.
продолжить линию до
• Extend (or Produce) the line to values K<1.
продолжить, включив
• The current-voltage curve can now be extended to include this region.
продольная и поперечная подача
• The worktable is 42x10 in. with 22-in. longitudinal traverse and a 10-in. cross traverse.

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