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Слова на букву глуб-ещё (843)

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если задан
• Given the name of an element ... , write electron configurations for ...
если идёт речь о
• The trigonometric calculation could greatly magnify initial errors, particularly where small angles were involved (or concerned).
если известен
• Given the time of origin of the earthquake one can determine ...
если иметь это в виду, то
• With this in mind it becomes easier to understand why ...
если исходить из
• Based on the tetrahedral model of the carbon valences, the nominal angle subtended between two of the four valences of the carbon would be 109°28'.
если исходить из гипотезы о том, что
• On the hypothesis that the jet is 1.5 billion light years from our galaxy ...
если исходить из предположения о
• On the assumption of the area law the right orbit can differ only negligibly from the intermediate ellipse.
если не
• Colloids "protected" by such detergents are electrically neutral unless ions are adsorbed from dispersing solutions. • The space between steel and rock is filled with wood ...
если не ... , то это приводит к
• Failure to maintain a sufficient thiamine level in the diet results in the malfunction of these enzyme systems.
если не считать
. за исключением; не считая • Other than hydrogen, helium is the least dense element known. • But for (or With the exception of, or Except for) a few ...
если не указано иначе
• The analysis presented here pertains to the operation of a single 6697A triode, unless otherwise specified (or stated, or indicated) (or except as otherwise noted).
если не учитывать
• Not counting conventional metal shrinkages, moulding accuracy is high.
если нужно
• If an insoluble starting material is to be converted into an insoluble product, ...
если нужно получить
• If the normal carbonate is wanted, sodium hydrogencarbonate is used as ...
если он вообще возможен
• The operation of differentiation is to be avoided if at all possible.
если он есть
• The fourth tube of the pump, when present, is used to carry extra water.
если он существует
• The magnetic-moment term, if any (or if it exists), is much larger than ... • There are few, if any, boundaries absolutely separating one animal community from another.
если он является
• The controller, particularly if electronic, can be designed to have ...
если отвлечься от технической стороны вопроса
• Technology apart, what are the limits on beam performance imposed by the laws of physics?
если позволяют условия
• If circumstances allow, advance the net toward the fire.
если потребуется
. при необходимости • The table shaft is hollow so that if required (or if needed, or if necessary), hydraulic lines can be ...
если принять ... равным нулю и т.п.
• This, with °H2 taken as zero, yields ...
если принять во внимание, что
• The need for such fine oscillator tuning is apparent when it is considered (or when taken into account) that ...
если принять за
• Setting the world's production of phosphate at 100, salt was 80 and lime 106.
если рассматривать ... в микроскоп
• When observed under (or with) the microscope, they show ...
если речь идёт о
см. если идёт речь о
если смотреть
• The sense of the lines is clockwise when looking in the direction of the current.
если смотреть из
• Viewed from space, one of the most striking features of the earth's surface is ...
если смотреть на
• When facing the drum, the right-hand elbow is the upstream one.
если смотреть сверху
• (As) viewed from the top (or from above) the insect's abdomen swings to the top as if it were a rudder.
если таковой имеется
• The natural rotation of these carbons, if any, was not much larger than ...
если только не
см. если не
если учесть все обстоятельства
• All things (or Everything) considered, some transplanted hearts behave remarkably well.
если учесть, что
• The need for such fine oscillator tuning is apparent when it is considered (or if it is remembered) that ...
если это возможно
• Whenever practicable (or feasible, or possible), belts should be installed so that ...
если это вообще произойдёт
• We shall rediscover this comet, if at all, only by accident.
если это имеет место
см. если это так
если это не будет сделано
• Neglecting (or Failure) to do this will cause confusion.
если это не так
• If this is not the case, the curve is called time like.
если это невозможно
• It is preferable that both of the above safety devices should be used wherever possible, but failing this either one or the other should be incorporated.
если это необходимо
. по мере необходимости; при необходимости • [exhigher orbitals if necessary) provide a basis for ... [/ex] • If need be, the angular ...
если это потребуется
. по мере необходимости • The reader is referred to the need of specialist advice should the situation warrant it (or if required).
если это произойдёт
см. в этом случае
если это так
• Active slip movement must be limited to the fault line between the offset ends; if so, seismic maps should show that ... (геол.). • If this is the case (or When such is ...
если, и только если
• A stable () is bounded if, and only if the corresponding ...
естественно вписываться в
• The positron fits naturally into this scheme.
естественно предположить, что
• It would appear reasonable (or natural) that the repulsions would increase with ...
естественно, что
. вполне естественно, что • Clearly the most feasible approach was again to use radar.
естественное освещение
• Natural illumination in an industrial building ...
см. иметься
есть возможность
• You stand a good chance of getting the right gauge for your particular job.
есть все основания полагать, что
• There is good reason to believe (or think) that the sediments were deposited somewhat earlier. • There are strong grounds for believing (or to believe) that ...
есть основания думать, что
USAGE: [lang id=2считать>
есть основания надеяться на то, что
• There is reason to hope that this analysis will recover ...
есть признаки того, что
• Indications are that actinium is more basic in character.
есть указания на
• There is some evidence for deformation and intrusion ...
есть указания на то, что
• Evidence indicates (or suggests) that most carbohydrates exist principally in this form. • The largest pollutant by mass is carbon dioxide, and there is (some) evidence that ...
. пока ещё • An additional 254,000 words can be added.
ещё более
• In the light of these conclusions the need for conservation of mineral resources becomes all the more evident. • These figures could be further improved ( уточнены ...
ещё более важно то, что
• Of even greater importance is the fact that the Bohr model could not be extended to ...
ещё больше
• The low pH further enhances the germicidal activity of iodine. • In order to increase still further the versatility of the machine ...
ещё большую озабоченность вызывает
• Of even greater concern are the water supplies for major urban centres.
ещё будет рассматриваться
• The lowest-energy term has yet to be dealt with.
ещё в ... веке
• This anomaly was measured even in (or as early as) 19th century, long before there was any theory to explain it.
ещё в ... году
• As early (or As far back, or As long ago) as 1925, 300 models of such engines had been or were being developed. • This was accomplished back in 1770.
ещё в течение многих лет
• Overhead transmission lines will probably be tolerated in remote areas for many years to come.
ещё важнее то, что
. что более важно • More important(ly) (or What is more important),magnitude of the exponent for the second term becomes ...
ещё вопрос
• It remains to be seen whether the unit will operate efficiently.
ещё далеко до
см. от ... ещё далеко до
ещё и
см. кроме того
ещё лучше
• Materials might be found that become superconductive at the higher temperatures of liquid hydrogen or, better still (or what is still better), of liquid nitrogen.
ещё много десятилетий
• Fossil-fuel-burning plants must be built for many decades to come in order to meet the nation's needs.
ещё много лет
• For many years to come, the practice of chemical engineering will remain both an art and a science.
ещё многое можно сделать в области
• Considerable room remains (or There is still much room) for improvement in employing the technique. • There is ample room for further research on the formation of ...
ещё многое нужно сделать, чтобы
• A great deal needs to be done before interfacial turbulence becomes well understood.

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