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Слова на букву не п-обра (843)

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• Several grams of plutonium-239 have been irradiated with neutrons.
• The nuclear emulsion was exposed to monoenergetic neutrons.
. вызванный облучением; под облучением; при облучении • The air molecules were stripped of some of their electrons by exposure to ...
облучение светом
USAGE: облучение светом (лучами, частицами) • F-centres may be produced in uncoloured crystals by irradiation with ultraviolet light, X-rays, ...
• Cool off the casing by wrapping cold wet rags around it (or by wrapping it with ... ).
• The individual atoms can trade (or exchange) electrical charges.
см. выполнять измерения; делать измерения; проводить измерение
см. измерять
• Preliminary experimental results are extremely encouraging.
• The exposed rocks ...
. наблюдаться • Some interesting data have come to light in the examination of ... • Coal is also found in Jurassic strata. • Several hundred polypeptides have ...
• The detection of tumours ...
• Another characteristic of the proteins revealed by in vitro studies was an ability to ...
обнаружено, что
. установлено, что • It has been found experimentally that ...
обнаружено, что ... происходит
• F-centre luminescence with high efficiency has been found to occur in KCl and KBr at low temperatures.
• The booster pilot valve translates pressure changes sensed (or detected) by the balancing unit into output pressure changes. • The change in temperature detectable by this ...
см. сразу обнаруживается
. выявлять; замечать • Nozzles are checked to detect any defects. • This deflection is detected by a mechanical relay. • Further investigation disclosed ...
обнаруживать дефекты
• The tester detects internal flaws.
обнаруживать неисправность
• When a fault is detected, the carriage is stopped immediately.
обнаруживать, что
• Thus we have discovered that the molecular orbitals must be of the symmetry types A1 and B1.
• The ablastic activity is found in the globulin portion of the serum. • Two interesting aspects of the dissociation process have come to light (or have revealed ...
обнаруживаться в форме
мед. • Thyrotoxicosis does not always present in the elderly with classical symptoms and signs.
обнаруживаться у
• Osteoporosis should be suspected when the typical symptoms present in any patient with a predisposing medical history.
• For this edition the original figures have been brought up to date (or updated) and some new material added. • The minicomputer updates machine instructions.
см. кратко обобщим
обобщать на
• This rule can be extended (or generalized) to curved spaces of any number dimensions. • This permits the extension (or generalization) of the resulting equations to systems ...
обобщение на
• The extension of the principle of evolution to the fundamental molecules of life ... • useful generalization for (or to) the simpler elements is ...
обобщённый на
• One should use the following scheme generalized to other cases: ...
• Hematite is concentrated to 66% iron. • These crystals settle, thereby enriching the residual melt in silica, alumina, and alkalis. • The concentrator will treat 60,000 ...
• The UO2 is enriched to 98% 235U. • As the solidification proceeds, the liquid composition becomes enriched with metal .
. означать • Entropy is symbolized by (or as) . • Standard electrode potentials are indicated by the symbol V°. • This term implies a dimensionless quantity. • ...
обозначать буквами
• The fixture plate is lettered to correspond with Fig. 3.
• Quantities of the sides x > 0 and < 0 are specified (or denoted, or designated) by the subscripts 0 and 1, respectively. • The frequency is usually symbolized by the ...
. выражен через; хорошо обозначенный • The three positions in which the plug can be placed are labelled (or marked) 'DSD, ND, USD'. • This emf ...
. для обозначения • The following designations are used: α = l/a, β = a/t and γ= c/a. • Adjacent lines of the six-phase system may be determined by the ...
см. обходиться
• The earth is surrounded by an envelope of gas, the atmosphere.
см. острое обоняние
см. повернуть на один полный оборот; пол-оборота; с малым числом оборотов
оборотов в минуту
• The engine develops 340 hp at 1900 rpm (revolutions per minute).
. приспособлен для; снабжён • The unit is equipped (or supplied, or provided) with a turbocharger. • The vehicle was fitted out with a pressurized ...
оборудован для
• The satellite was fitted out for X-ray observations.
. аппаратура; бортовое оборудование; противопожарное оборудование; технологическое ...
оборудование, снабжённое ЭВМ
• The system makes it easy for even an inexperienced employee to operate computerized equipment.
• The firm has developed a special transducer featuring a plug-in terminal for lead wires. • Inexpensive lasers, aided by light-deflectors, will be key elements in scanning ...
оборудованный приборами
• An instrumented enclosure ...
оборудованный транзисторами
. полностью оборудованный транзисторами • A transistorized amplifier ...
• The view that ... is justified. • If this explanation is valid, there should be two other ridges ... • This conclusion is warranted. • Thus the earlier assumption is ...
• The whys and wherefores (разг.) of the design of cascade control systems can best be presented in terms of actual problems.
см. правильность
• A justified assumption ...
обосноваться на
• At the same time more semiconductor manufacturers sought to establish a foothold in the rapidly expanding microprocessor market.
• Some data substantiating the proposed sequence of events can be offered.
. усугублять сложность • These factors may aggravate the hyperglycaemic tendency (мед.).
• Interest in the origin of life on earth gained momentum in the first half of the twentieth century.
обрабатываемая деталь
• The piece [or work(piece)] is made the positive terminal and the electrode negative.
см. способность поддаваться обработке
обрабатываемый материал
• Speeds of working vary according to the material being worked (or machined).
обрабатываемый обычным способом
• These plastics possess physical properties unlike those of any other commonly machined material.
. действовать; легко поддающийся обработке • They can farm any piece of unclaimed soil here. • The pickle plant handles (or processes) ...
обрабатывать всухую
• Do not machine dry except for very light finishing cuts.
обрабатывать данные
• The computer processes (or handles) data simultaneously from eight gas chromatographs.
обрабатывать землю
• To work (or farm) land.
обрабатывать на станке
• In this department the parts are machined.
• Two components are completed at each cycle.
обрабатываться в холодном состоянии
USAGE: обрабатываться в холодном (антон. горячем) состоянии • The material is cold (антон. hot) worked.
обрабатываться на станках
• Polyimides machine very well if proper precautions are taken.
обрабатываться паром
• Bones are steamed (or treated with steam) to remove gelatine.
обрабатываться под выступы
• The additional top plates are machined to accept (or accommodate) part projections.
обработанная информация
• Printers display processed information for the human user.
. без обработки; грубая и чистовая обработка; легко поддающийся обработке; механическая ...
обработка воды
• Water treatment (or processing).
обработка данных
• Data handling (or treatment, or processing)

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